About us

imageCompany started by young and energetic Ramesh dutt nayyar was previously dealing in  advertising and video film video cassette and dvd advertising of all the new films released in 1990s got the blessings and support of Amar shri gilsham kumar ji owner of T-series and got the sole all India advertising rights of companies T-series/ Time / Venus/ of their new movies. Then was shifted by Gulshan Kumar Ji to serials abd serials advertising started producing film based serials with support of t series for DOORDARSHAN/ ATN/HOME TV / NEPC /VATSA / LASHKARA channels and besides that entered into film promotion after the death of Amar Gulshan kumar ji then fully converted into events and film promotion snd production of movies Right know dealing in cooperate events & marriages events etc for marriages events event organizers take celebrities from us monopoly in cheap and best rates for film celebrities